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Destined for partnership from birth, Justin and I (James) share a bond that's lasted lifetimes, rooted in our mothers' high school friendship. Reuniting in Pittsburgh after life took us on diverging paths, we committed to building a business in our beloved hometown before leaving our shared apartment. Golf was our passion, but innovation was our edge. Enter Dartee: an elegant fusion of utility and style, conceived during endless late-night brainstorms. Two years, countless refinements later, we proudly introduce the next big thing in golf fashion. Our mission? To crown Dartee the unrivaled golf belt, while uniting a community of enthusiasts. Join us, and thanks for being part of our story.

Building a Community of Golfers & Innovating products to make every golfer feel like a PGA Pro.

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Full of Ambition

In our 20’s, full of ambition, we made it our goal to start a business before we moved out. Our love for golf sparked many ideas in our head, but none that had not already been done... until one day, late at night, we were talking about an innovative belt; a type of utility belt. From there, we drew up the idea, scraped together a prototype, and brought in another close friend and college roommate of Justin’s, Jesse. Since then, our entire goal together has been to develop a belt that not only has the utility function, but also has a stylish and sleek look. In addition to consistently improving the Belts, our Mission is to become the #1 Golf belt on the market! At the same time, we strive to build a community of golfers that share a similar passion for golf. Thank you for supporting our journey. Sincerely, The Dartee Golf Team